Aussie Spirit in a Can

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About Us

Bloke Beer was born out of a love of sport. It channels that buzz you get when you’re together with mates and family, all cheering on something bigger than yourselves. Here at Bloke, we celebrate life’s wins, no matter how small. We like to think we’ve captured that Aussie spirit and put it in a can.

We’re also not owned by any of the big conglomerates. Made under the watchful eye of our master brewer in Victoria, we have full control over ingredients, production, distribution and taste.

Bloke beer

Our Beers

Bloke lager and middy

Bloke Beer is a true blue lager with nothing to hide.

Our beers aren't fancy. Bloke Beer brings guys together. We love a laugh and our beers are front and centre when we get together with mates.

Our Middy is brewed to be enjoyed over any occasion, so its light on the hops and doesn't smell like flowers.

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