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About Bloke in a Bar

Good Bloke Project is a Charity that promotes positive masculinity in all its forms.

Our Charity

A Bloke is an all-round good guy who sees strength in all forms, and uses his humour or humility to bring people together and lift them up.

A Celebration of the Good Bloke

The Embodiment of the Aussie Spirit

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Our Taste

Bloke In A Bar beer is a crisp lager with mild hops. A session beer to be enjoyed over a bit of banter with your mates. Made only from the finest natural ingredients, containing no artificial flavours. Enjoy responsibly

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Our Founder

Denan Kemp is the founder of Bloke In A Bar and host of The Locker Room. As a former NRL player, he has great insight into the games culture. His vision and work ethic shines through the brand and is displayed in everything he does.